LBS + GPS + Glonass

LBS + GPS + Glonass

The solution for monitoring for travelling objects which was worked out by a group of Race company is one of the first in Russia to give users an opportunity to determine the location of transport means independently of its location.

This possibility has been created thanks to the integration of standard solution GPS  monitoring with the service of the location determination by basic stations of a mobile operator in particular MTC is chosen as an operator and a service «Mobile workers».

The unique of the solution allows to determine the location of the transport means not only in the field of certain receiving of sputniks , but also in closed premises :stores, tunnels, garages, piers.

It is especially claimed by the companies where trucks spend hours on the storage facilities,  where it is impossible to determine the location using standard means of GPS or Glanass receivers.

Analogous solutions are only appearing in other countries. It is necessary to mark financial attractiveness of the offers of services the price of the service «Mobile workers» includes unlimited amount of determinations of the location by determinations of the location  by LBS  (basic stations) and GPRS traffic from 250 rubles  a month.

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